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The easiest to use MIDI Sequencer built today!

Made in the USA

Artisan Instruments is proud to introduce our new user-friendly MIDI Sequencer.  Simple to Operate – Universally MIDI Compliant.  Can be used with the Artisan Control System or as a stand-alone sequencer with ANY MIDI device.

Creates standard format 0 MIDI files which are readable and editable on

Mac, PC, Linux, or Unix systems

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

Includes Artisan USB Memory stick and power supply

Download Complete Sequencer Instructions.pdf


With this easy to use kit you can turn any organ console with key contacts and pedal contracts into a MIDI console to run the Artisan Sound Engine, Hauptwerk, J-Organ, MIDItzer, My Organ, GigaSampler, or any other digital device or MIDI sound module.

For a 2-Manual Organ

Includes the following hardware:

1  µMIDI Control Board w/4 MIDI Outputs

3  Input Boards, 64 inputs each

1  5V Switching Power Supply

1  Group, Interconnecting Cables

1  Cakewalk MIDI Interface Cable

3  Fanning Strips w/hardware

CD Instruction Manual

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

For a 3-Manual Organ


1  Input Board, 64 inputs each

1  Fanning Strip w/hardware

1  Interconnecting Cable

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

General Features:

        Made in the U.S.A

Up to 4 analog inputs

No soldering required

Easy to follow instructions

Modular, and easily assembled

Easily programmed for any MIDI configuration desired

Can drive up to 4 MIDI devices

Live technical support just a phone call away