Artisan Instruments

IMOC!!  (Integrated MIDI Organ Controller)

IMOC for lighted stop/draw knob organs! (only)

Artisan Instruments, Inc. is proud to present our latest product, the Integrated MIDI Organ Controller. Here, in one control board, you get all the function control you need for:

   1. Up to four manuals input accepted and built in pedalboard inputs for a 32 note pedalboard.

   2. Up to three expression pedals and one crescendo pedal.

   3. Up to 64 pistons, Memory Level Control, and Transposer Control.

   4. Up to 64 lighted stops or drawknob control including couplers.

   5. A fully functioning combination action with up to 99 memory levels.

   6. Four individual MIDI out ports for sequencer, MIDI monitor, multiple sound engines, or even real pipes.

                  Price: See Pricing Guide Page

This is pretty much everything you need for your virtual pipe organ. Keyboard input may come from individual HV64 input boards for raw pipe organ keyboards, Fatar multiplex keyboards with the Artisan encoder board, or existing MIDI keyboards. The choice is yours. (NOTE: all keyboard hardware is additional.)

Add a power supply and lighted stop control of your choice and you are ready to control the digital organ samples of your choice. Of course we would appreciate that choice to be the Artisan Sound Engine with our own library of highest quality digital samples for classical or theater organs.

Wiring and Using the Artisan IMOC Board