Artisan Instruments

Artisan Octo-Flex™ System


Octo-Flex™ is the fastest system available and is designed primarily for larger organs both pipe and digital. In addition to all of the wonderful features already in use on our uMIDI control system, Octo-Flex™ adds even more making it the most flexible and complete control system today. Here are just a few of the fine features now available on Artisan Octo-Flex™:


1.  Full record and playback built in with library manager on board. Save and Load any MIDI sequence via USB port.

2.  Piston Sequencer and memory level save.

3.  Almost unlimited memory levels for Combination Action resident in system.

4.  Savable and Loadable Combination Actions via USB port in addition to the resident combinations.

5.  High Speed Connection via network interface and cable.

6.  WIFI Connection for uploads, diagnostics, and changes.

7.  Full implementation of couplers, unification, bass and melody coupling included.

8.  Wireless connection between console and chamber available.

9.  Fully compatible with all former Artisan input and driver boards for ease of system upgrade.

10.  Configuration files downloadable directly from console system. No more need to find the latest version files, etc.

11.  All advanced functions such as Transposer, Reiteration (adjustable) Sostenuto, Piston Advance, Recall, etc. included at no additional cost.

12.  Fully compliant with all MIDI devices and systems on the market.

13.  Does not require a computer to be attached to the system to operate any function including record-playback, piston sequence, memory levels, etc.

14.  Offsite direct diagnostics and upgrades available via modem or WIFI. Real time support for installation and maintenance.

15.  Fully compatible with Hauptwerk, J-Organ, and other digital media.

16.  Fully compatible with the new Artisan Sound Engine soon to be announced with 16 channels of audio and built in convolved reverb, tremulants, and environments.

AND….you get all of this in one inexpensive package so there’s never the need to buy add-ons for additional functionality.

System Control Panel  --------->

Use the Menu button to get to all other functions such as Record/Playback, Metronome, Combination Action, Diagnostics, etc. Panel is available in Black, Ivory, Walnut, Mahogany, Burgundy, and Gold Tone.