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Pricing Guide

Terms of Payment

Payment for products and services can be made by check, money order, or PayPal*.  We will no longer accept VISA or MasterCard directly.  However, PayPal will.

PayPal has a simple procedure for allowing anyone to make a payment with their credit card.  It works as follows:

Once the amount of product, services, and shipping method have been agreed upon between the customer and Artisan, we will create an invoice using PayPal.  PayPal will then send the invoice to the customer by email, along with simple instructions for payment by credit card.  When that transaction is complete, PayPal will then remit the funds to the Artisan PayPal account.

If a customer has their own PayPal account, they can choose to have payments made from that account, or from their bank account.

There are some distinct advantages to this method of transaction:

PayPal is a secure system.

There is no longer any need to phone in or email a credit card number to Artisan.

Artisan does not need to be, nor want to be, the holder of a customer’s credit card number on file.

Eliminates errors in transcribing at the Artisan end.  (e.g., dyslexic number interpolation or simply poor penmanship.)

Transactions are consummated rapidly and efficiently.

PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

*PayPal is a trademark of eBay