Artisan Instruments

New Artisan Multi-Channel Hardware Sound Engine!

Artisan Instruments, Inc. is proud to present a major breakthrough in virtual organ sound production.  This is a proprietary hardware Sound Engine that is manufactured specifically for the purpose of reproducing the highest quality digital organ samples.  It is designed exclusively for the purpose of installing digital samples to be used in:

•   Augmenting pipe or electronic organs

•   Converting analog organs to become digital organs

•   Constructing a Virtual Organ

Consider the following advantages:

   No more expensive computers with huge requirements for RAM and processing speed.

   No more hard drives and fans to wear out.

   No more off the shelf systems to become antiquated only months after you purchase them.

   No more dealing with expensive and inefficient operating systems.

The Artisan Sound Engine is backed by a company whose primary business for over 6 decades has been the manufacture of organs and organ components.

Bottom line.  A product designed by people who play and appreciate organs.

The Artisan Sound Engine is encased in a small platform package with a Linux Operating System.  It has the following features: