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Artisan Instruments, Inc. (dba Artisan) is in the business of providing digital electronic components for organ builders.  What began as an analog organ kit business in the late 1940s has evolved into a variety of products that are suitable for both pipe and electronic organ builders.

Other than providing components for users to incorporate in their organ projects we also design and build custom organs, stopboxes, and full organ modules to customer’s specifications. The Artisan Control Systems and Sound Engine are totally customizable for the customer’s needs and desires.

The type of products manufactured by Artisan are designed to be modular, such that they can be combined in several ways in order to satisfy an organ builder's requirements.  The design approach utilizes micro processors in several modules; this allows the user to use simple text written programming to have the hardware conform to the end use.

In general, the philosophy at Artisan is to provide products that are of superior technology, the highest quality, and enduring reliability.

What will be found on the web site

As you peruse the following pages, you will find descriptions of the various items of hardware and software suitable for adding to existing organs, completely renovating older organs, or even building an organ from the ground, up.

How to contact us

We have tried to provide as much information about our products as possible in the following pages, but there also needs to be the human interface available at all times.  We pride ourselves on being able to serve the customer prior to the sale, during the sale, and particularly in after sales service.

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